The Global Issue Of The Industrial Revolution

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The industrial revolution known for many things including the peak point where human population hit one billion. It took humans 130 years to hit two billion and as time moved on it took less and less time, the fifth billion only took 13 years to accomplish (Worldometers). It may have started as a great thing in the industrial revolution but now in the twenty-first century population has become a global issue. A global issue can be identified because it is not only affecting the whole human race, but also global in the sense that it affects the whole world. War and conflict, poverty, high cost of living, degradation of the environment, depletion of natural resources, and unemployment all caused by the ever growing human population. William Halal and Michael Marien identified, what is known as the Mega Crisis, “A global environmental and economic collapse or near collapse, along with attendant problems of rising prices, mass protests, wide-spread psychic stress, and lawlessness.” (Halal and Marien. 2011) and although I admire the work of these authors one aspect that they tend overlook is the connecting link between all trends leading to the Megacrisis, overpopulation. Over population is when the number of living humans is compared to the available resources, such as water and the essentials they need to survive. Imagine in some extraordinary event the world loses a quarter of its population, many of these trends mentioned and those identified by Halal and Marien would
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