The Global Ocean Water Levels

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 Predicting the Future Rise in Global Ocean Water Levels Ajith Madhav Kuthumbaka, Krupal Mamidala California State University Long Beach, EE 503 Advanced Systems Engineering Abstract—Sea level rise due to change in climate is a severe global threat; Flooding, storm surges, and other consequences of the rise in ocean water level have a widespread adverse effects on coastal cities across the globe. Consistent rise in ocean levels have occurred throughout the world for thousands of years. The data from tide gauge observations and global satellite imagery, assisted us to determine the rates and causes of rise in sea-level. On analyzing the data, it affirms the need for long-term reliable observation to estimate accurately the regional changes furthermore to improve our ability to estimate the future changes in ocean levels. Even if the best preventive measures are taken, ocean levels will continue to rise for many decades to come, due to the large time ranges associated with the climatic evolution even if the temperature rise is stabilized. Information from various scientific studies is requried to understand sea level rise (SLR), this review emphasizes the problems and consequences this rise in sea level is creating by projecting the Ocean water levels in the future under the present global conditions. Index Terms— Adverse effects on coastal cities, Climate change, Global threat, Ocean water level, Sea-level rise, INTRODUCTION O cean
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