The Global Of Global Agribusiness

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The position of global agribusiness is to be successful in the future, due to fundamental factors that the natural resources are a necessity to the quality of human life. The global agribusiness is the industry of the agriculture production. The sustainability of this production is to maintain at a certain rate to ensure the quality of life for the planet and human life. The sustainability of the global agribusiness is vital in existing through the evaluating of its historical representation, the implementation of regulations by governments, innovating and creating sustainable methods and applying sustainable strategies and operations to agricultural land. Today many of these elements have been implemented and executed for the need for…show more content…
Techniques such as irrigation, intercropping, and crop rotation have progressively increased efficiency in agriculture, maintaining the potential growth for global agribusiness. However, over the last couple of centuries the industrialization of farming techniques and a growing population saw the shift into conventional farming methods. The shift created major problems of economic instability, climate change and pressures from farms to produce greater yields. The use of conventional farming leaves the rural land eroded and lifeless because the farmers continuously put high input of energy, synthetic chemicals, and genetically modified organisms to just keep on producing a high quaintly crop. The farmers have now found themselves locked in an everlasting cycle of loans and debt. Therefor the influence of history in time changed the dynamics of farming in not sustaining agribusiness, but due to these past events as a world we are now starting to adopt sustainable farming practices. These practices are influenced through our local communities, countries and United Nation in creating a sustainable global agriculture.

Costs in agribusiness will continue to increase at a rate far from what our population is growing. Inputs such as fuel, labour, machinery, technology, fertilizer, seed, genetics, advice, water, land, government
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