The Global Population Is More Than 10 Billion People By 2030

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The global population is expected to double by more than 10 billion people by 2030, according to the International Food Information Council (IFIC). Coupled with a strain on farmland resources, a lack of adequate food is becoming an increasingly critical issue throughout the world. The answer to these ongoing issues are bioengineered foods, known as genetically modified foods which are gaining a wider expectance and are becoming every day house hold foods in the United States. The growing population and the promise of higher yields and better nutrition are turning people towards bioengineered foods. Unlike when these products where first produced and engineered they were not well received and like any new idea they were misunderstood. They…show more content…
Plants will be more resilient to disease, have more nutrition benefits and contain better overall quality and taste. Some examples of super plants that are superior to the ones today are ones that repeal insects and protect against plant diseases which according to David Rotmans’ article Why We Need Genetically Modified Foods. Annually destroys some 15 percent of the world 's agricultural harvest this would allow the plants to grow bigger and healthier and yield more food. When normal crops are grown bugs can destroy them and make them uneatable. Insects can cause two major types of damage to normal crops. These two types of damage are known as direct and indirect damage. Direct is when insect eats the plant or burrows into it and indirect is when a bug transmits an infection into a crop by landing on it and spreading its diseases. Both are harmful but bioengineering the crops to withstand both of these damages can save a lot of crops and produce a lot more food for the nation. Another example of super plants is the sweet corn and seedless watermelons at the supermarket. These are examples of selective breeding which has been happening for thousands of years. Another reason for creating super plants is one that is expected to produce a heartier crop that will allow them to withstand harsher environmental conditions. This means the crops can be planted in regions that are currently unsuitable for food production. These plants will use
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