The Global Problem Of Global Trade Essay

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There is no doubt that the importance of global trade is one of the most integral aspects out of which human beings began their dominance of this planet. If history books tell us anything, it is that the some of the most important and powerful countries had their beginnings in early global trade. One of the most well-known countries which took to the high seas in their venture to dominate global trade is Portugal. Their story has been told and re-told time and time again, always positioning them as a leader during the Age of Discovery, a time in which finding the fastest overseas trade routes for items such as spices lead to other discoveries as well. While Portugal will always be able to reflect on past achievements and their footnote in the infancy of a global network, they still find themselves situated as a participating member of a less glorious and more ominous trade venture. Portugal’s role in the global illegal trafficking of drugs and human beings is a controversial and hot button issue on a multitude of socio-political levels. While their inclusion into this dark world is by no means voluntary, their participation in the illegal trafficking trade is a symptom of what could arguably be considered one of their leading characteristics which allowed them to dominant the Golden Era; geographic positionality. A recent document leaked from a global intelligence firm in 2012 succinctly sums up their inherent problem:
“Like a springboard, Portugal is used as a doorway to…

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