The Global Problem of Harveting Organs

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The harvesting of organs is a huge problem worldwide. The sale of organs may result in an individual being murdered simply for his or her organs (Hongda.) In order to buy food impoverished families only choice may be to sell their organs (Callahan.) Those who are precipitants of organs coming from Inmates are taking huge health risk. Jeff Testerman, author of “Organs of Condemned sought for Transplant”, stated “The prison population is such a high-risk group, particularly for hepatitis and AIDS.” When someone receives an organ from a donor within a prison’s walls, they are not always assured of the health security of the prisoner’s organs of which they are getting. There are many tragic stories told of someone being abducted, murdered, or sedated all just for his or her kidneys. These stories are not fictional but a shocking reality (Callahan.) Over 10,000 illegal organ transplants are taking place every year (Campbell.) As improvements in technology and medicine are made the number of organ transplants per year also increase, due to the escalating amount of sources (Hongda.) The Chinese government needs to constitute and enforce laws prohibiting the exploitation of organ harvesting. There are limited laws that regulate the harvesting of organs overseas. The Declaration of Istanbul of 2008 was put into motion by all one hundred nations. This was a statement against global organ exploitation (Campbell.) The Declaration of Istanbul however does not prohibit the harvesting

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