The Global Production Network ( Gpn ) Of Coffee

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The 21st century has seen several companies cross international borders to look for new markets to conduct their business and increase shareholders’ return. The process was fuelled by opening of borders and advancement in transport mode and technology in the 21st century. The situation has complicated the attempts to fully understand the process of global production. However, the research and different literatures in the recent past have given customers and scholar a good read on forms of labour which go into producing the product or service, and how this work is globally distributed (Coe, Dicken and Hess 2008, p.274). The development has made customers to strongly know what they want and what they consume. Therefore, this essay will analyze the Global Production Network (GPN) of coffee and discuss who benefits most from the structure of this GPN. In the analysis, the essay will focus on three different aspects. First, the paper will analyze various forms of labour that go into creating the product and how is this work globally distributed. The essay will also analyze how the value is captured at each stage of production distributed along the network. Lastly, the essay will focus on the institutional arrangements that explain the structure of this GPN.

Global Production Network is a set of inter-organizational networks that are linked together in which a specific commodity is produced (Dickson, 2015). A global production network extends across national boundaries and…
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