The Global Slave Trade By David Batstone Essay

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The global slave trade encapsulates many different types of slavery, a major one being sexual trafficking. Nadia’s story and Padre Cesare’s rescue missions portrayed in Not For Sale help to show some of the horrendous aspects of sexual exploitation. One main problem presented by David Batstone is the corruption of law enforcement, especially in regards to human trafficking. Batstone claims that police officers “[open] border crossings for traffickers, [shield] them from arrest at the hands of their more conscientious colleagues, [issue] licenses so that the traffickers can operate as a legitimate business, and [capture] girls who escape and [return] them to their ‘owners’” (Batstone 168). Because the police officers in charge of stopping the human trafficking are sometimes involved in the scheme, human trafficking networks are thriving without facing consequences intended to stop them. Police officers are also “apt to be active participants” in the human trafficking business, treating the victims as if they deserve their abuse (Batstone 169). Even police officers who don’t physically assist in human trafficking schemes still “tip off the traffickers when raids are scheduled,” helping to further the trafficking cause (Batstone 169). Although not all police officers are purposefully aiding the trafficking business, the lack of support given by most of the other officers allow the trafficking to continue. David Batstone also tells of the high target on adolescents in the human
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