The Global Sportswear Sector Operates In The Global Apparel

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The global sportswear sector operates in the global apparel and footwear industry that recorded worldwide sales worth $1.67 trillion in 2016 (Businesswire, 2017). Out of this, the sales of sportswear items accounted for 7% with most of the sales coming from the U.S. and emerging markets in Thailand and India (Businesswire, 2017). Besides, the industry employs more than 75 million people globally working in apparel, footwear and sportswear sectors (ILO, 2015). The growth the global sportswear sales can be attributed to the growth in popularity in healthy lifestyles as more people in the developed and emerging economies engage in physical activities hence increasing the demand for sportswear. Sportswear refers to the apparel that people use…show more content…
In the report, suppliers of leading brands like Puma, Nike, Adidas and Reebok have forced their employees to work overtime and denied them the rights to form trade unions. In addition, some of the workers work without being paid while others are underpaid after working for long hours (Clean Clothes Campaign, 2004). Similar findings were also reported by the Play Fair (2008) report. The report findings showed that workers manufacturing sportswear items in form of apparel, footwear and soccer balls faced similar problems. These include: abuse of employment contracts, violation to the freedom of association and collective bargaining, and employment insecurity. Consequently, workers who attempt to form trade unions are dismissed, denied the chance to negotiate and the facilities with unionized workers get closed. In addition, the rise in factory closures has led to job insecurity among workers and this reduces the likelihood of workers to seek better employment conditions. The Play Fair report also argued that buyers tend to disregard facilities that are compliant with labor practices and such facilities end up being shut down (2008). The report also highlighted the rise in short-term employment contracts and precarious employment that undermine labor regulations and the rights of workers to social security and freedom of association (Play Fair, 2008). Facilities manufacturing sportswear

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