The Global Stage Of The European Union

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The statement that a Belgian Minister once quoted indicated his thoughts of the global stage of the European Union (EU) which included, “the European union was a little more than an economic giant, political dwarf and military worm.” With this being said, I can confidently say within my six-week summer long semester into the history of the European Union, I agree with the Belgian Minister’s statement primarily due to their economic trading power, weak political power, but I think their military is not no worm. According to the (1), The European Union is one of strongest economic areas in the world. There is an estimated five hundred million people. Europe also make up of seven point three percent of the world 's population,…show more content…
The concept is carefully related to those of economic globalization which integrates national economies into the international economy. Such incorporations have been achieved through capital flow, trading of goods and services, and foreign direct investment. Since the primary link has been the European Union, which has become a major alliance amongst the European nations. With the EU’s focusing on globalization their economic power has gone up. I feel that with the EU having a single currency and free trade of goods and services is a major contribution to having a strong EU. The world is becoming a tighter community through high-tech developments around the world. With technology becoming so advanced international travel becoming more common. Making communication and collaboration with other countries around the world easier and now a common occurrence. Some world leaders envision a global community that would lead to a one-world-order to include government and commerce. Globalization has been on the rise but is not shared and accepted by all. Nationalism continues to play a significant part in international interactions. With Europe’s goal of European alliance for economic purposes, the European Union can be used as a model for economic globalization. The EU restructured their government to have political power by incorporating the European parliament, supranational fiscal union, and the European Commission. The Parliament is the only institution where
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