The Global Tourism & Hospitality Industry

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I. Introduction to the global tourism & hospitality industry 1. Introduction In the dramatically changing society, hospitality has become a fast-growing and profitable industry which has apparently become very attractive to the investors. At the completion is rising, the key to become successful in this business is concentrating on service quality with the purpose of maximizing customer’s satisfaction because every moment the guests spend with us is good or bad depends entirely on us or specifically the services we provide (Walker, 2008, p.04). However, the quality of the service itself and the customer experience are very difficult to measure since it is various among people from time to time. It is both an obstacle and an opportunity for the manager to become stand out from other rivals. The further opinion about how the intersection of hospitality, service and customer experience become a big problem for the manager will be discussed as below. 2. Definition of hospitality, service and customer experience First of all, before discussing further, it is important to understand the definition of hospitality, service and customer experience. There are many definitions of hospitality and each person has their own adjustment about what hospitality is. It can be satisfying customer’s requirement or making the most pleasant atmosphere for the comfort of the guest .Although the answers can be various, it is all related to the act of serving people while they are away from home
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