Essay on The Global Wal-Mart Effect

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Karen Olsen pulls at our heartstrings using the specific people, places and things that we can possibly relate to in a pathos/ethos type method of description. She pours out examples of infringement, dollar signs, inequality and discrimination. Using names and painting a picture of a subject to explain how [Wal-mart] broke the law using intimidation, denying benefits and firing those that support the union. Sebastian Mallaby rebuttals by using facts and reasoning in a logos/ethos way. Examples include but not limited to; “Wal-mart has a war room to defend its image! Well, yeah, it’s up against a hostile campaign featuring billboards, newspaper ads, and a critical documentary movie.” Mallaby goes on to discuss different ways that many of…show more content…
Where do we as human beings take the responsibility of our part? The word ‘choices’ came to mind as I read both entries. Being that we are adults and have a “right” to ‘choose’ where we work, work where we choose and educate ourselves so we may make a higher pay rate, When does it become the responsibility of the person to make their life what they want it? After reading the entries of both Olsen and Mallaby, I’m finding myself wondering why the employer is being blamed here. Are we not supposed to take charge of our own lives? Making ourselves accountable for our future is the way people were taught as I was growing up. Education, responsibility and accountability were three main words in the vocabulary of many households in my community. Having a place to work was an opportunity. We were not entitled to work for any company. We had to prove ourselves worthy of being employed. Educate ourselves, make responsible choices and continue to be accountable wherever possible is supposed to be what success means. Many countries struggle with poverty and underemployment. Wal-Mart’s ability to give us bottom line pricing is greatly to do with the importation of products from developing countries at a lower cost in shipping as well as production. This is not rocket science for other companies here in America. Wal-Mart would not be the first company to try to pinch a penny by using foreign country products. America itself is doing foreign affairs overseas. This is part of
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