The Global Warming And Climate Change

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“The Global Warming and Climate Change” The Global Warming and Climate Change has been a subject of debate for over many years nows. A lot of people are undereducated or misinformed by what is going on. This position paper should clear some myths and hoaxs of Global warming and climate change. In a paper punlished by Nature they provide one possible examination: For the vast majority of Americans, the weather is simply becoming more pleasant. Over the past four decades the temperature in the winter has been suffiecently higher. A lot of people tend to love the snow and winter months for being cold but there is a quite a bit of people who prefer the winter months to be a 60+ degrees. Use Arkansas, as an example. We didn’t have a harsh winter at all, the temperature was a nice 45-75 degrees. When I grew up in Iowa for 7 years the winters werent as forgiving. Some winters the snow would set records for being three feet or the temperature so cold outside where you can throw hot water in the air and have it freeze before it hits the ground. Unlike Arkansas, Iowa would hit sub zero temperatures in the winter then 5 months later in July or August it would hit triple digits in the summer.
The current situation in the Global warming issue is focused on the atmospheres temperature. The temperature of the atmosphere has risen 1.5 degrees Fahrenheit since 1900. These temperatures are found in ocean tempuratures, soil temperatures, melting glaciers and melting polar ice

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