The Global Warming Myth Essay

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I want you to picture something. Picture two polar bears, a mother and her cub, the largest land predator on the face of the earth. They stand tall and proud upon a chunk of ice in the middle of the ocean, as if daring you to take the last of their land away from them. As you watch, the ice upon which the proud beasts stands begins to melt and erode, leaving the bears barely enough room to stand. Distraught, you fear for the bears and cry aloud for someone to please save them. As the last of the ice melts into the sea, the bears slip stoically into the water…
This is the essence of a picture that is given to you by former Vice President Al Gore in his Nobel Prize-winning documentary, An Inconvenient Truth. Mr. Gore tells us that the
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The Earth is in a catastrophic warming trend caused by a runaway Greenhouse Effect, the warming effect caused by certain gases (of which carbon dioxide is the most mentioned) which trap heat in the atmosphere. It’s always seemed a little fishy to me, though. The news would have us panic and hide in a storm cellar and stop breathing because we exhale carbon dioxide (CO2), but is that necessary? Is CO2 even really that bad?
In this paper, I will first discuss the purported reasons behind “Anthropogenic Global Warming” (AGW)—warming of the earth as a direct result of the actions of human beings. We’ll examine the evidence given by Mr. Gore as well as other sources, such as the International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) and climatologist Michael Mann, arguably the “father” of Global Warming.
Next, I will explain why those reasons are mistaken, misled, or misrepresented. I will show you that much of the so-called evidence brought forth by these sources are either taken out of context or, in some cases, falsified. We will also delve just a little bit into the science behind greenhouse gases and CO2 in particular. I think you’ll be surprised.
Last, I will look at the motivations of the individuals and corporations responsible for the continued media exposure, who stands to benefit from the hype, and what the potential costs are to the economy and the world at large.
Whether you agree with me, think I’m just some denialist nut-job, or just
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