The Global Wine Industry

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The Global Wine Industry:
The grape has been around for more than thousands of years, and so, with time, it was inevitable that humans would discover wine and use it for many purposes. Grapes were found thousands of years ago, when humans started living in caves and became hunter-gatherers. However, agriculture dominated after those humans moved beyond the hunting-gathering stage and into an era of growing and harvesting grapes and then turning these grapes into wine. Humans throughout these ages desired wine for its effect on the body and the essence it provides and even in all history, especially in the Greek history and the romans, wine was dedicated to the gods for a good harvest and riches.
Wine which was considered a simple and a limited drink became an industry of its own generating millions in profit and having a huge consumer base with different tastes and aspirations. The changes as well as the differences in the age groups who are becoming the major markets for wine producers have created visible and different market trends that cannot be ignored. These trends also affect the global market, as well as economies of many Counties that rely on the wine industry for profit.
In an industry such as wine, where there are many variables such as the type of soil and grapes, ageing process used, price and quality, it is natural to expect a variety of suppliers. The wine industry is so heavily broken down that, that there cannot be one leading firm and also these leading
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