The Globalization of Cell Phones

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Principles of Globalization Globalization is a process of collaboration and amalgamation among different cultural groups, a process driven by trade, investment and the advancement of technology. It creates a world where everyone is united and there is a single culture flowing through many different lifestyles, effecting environment, political systems, economic development and prosperity, and the physical well-being of individuals ( The concept of globalization has been in act for many years, however recently, the severity of the merging cultures is becoming much more apparent. There are many types of globalization, each focusing on a different aspect in today’s current world issues. Economic globalization…show more content…
This fact is evidently proving that the american culture is spreading and it is happening through the devices we all currently hold. Without the various producers continuing to operate and manufacture phones, the industry would not be able to go global, preventing the use of cell phones to travel across the globe to various continents. The Lead-Up With the recent advancement in information technology, it is foreseeable that the trends will spread to countries all over the world. Where developing countries used to not have any form of communication, the recent expansion has reached out all the way to these former-deprived countries. The developing world represents approximately 75% of all mobile phone subscriptions, suggesting that the effects of globalization are being felt across the globe and not just in the developed world ( The use of mobile phones and technology in developing countries used to not even be an option, as they did not have these insightful opportunities. Now due to technological, social and cultural globalization, it was made possible for individuals in third world countries to have cell phones and gain more freedom and safety by having these mobile devices. Economic Globalization Globalization can be described as ‘…a widening, deepening
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