The Globalization of Food Culture

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The Globalization of Food Culture The term “food culture” describes the entire cultural landscape of nutrition; everything that has anything to do with the way we eat, what we eat and where we eat. What we seldom realize are all the aspects food influences or is influenced by: “Food is used to: 1. Satisfy hunger and nourish the body. 2. Initiate and maintain personal and business relationships. 3. Demonstrate the nature and extent of relationships. 4. Provide a focus for communal activities. 5. Express love and caring. 6. Express individuality. 7. Proclaim the separateness of a group. 8. Demonstrate belongingness to a group. 9. Cope with psychological or emotional stress. 10. Reward or punish. 11. Signify social status. 12. Bolster…show more content…
Growing population, climate problems or – the most likely of all reasons according to “Globalization and Diversity” – political reasons are the reasons for food shortages and famines (Rowntree, 47). While the meat consumption in the United States and other rich countries is growing, two thirds of the world population consume a vegetarian or near vegetarian diet, as meat is too expensive for a majority of the population. The increasing demand for meat does not have only have health related consequences, but is also cause for environmental concerns (47). The meat consumption in the US contributes as much to the green house gas problem as the transportation segment – a whopping 18 percent! This is not only the case within the United States, but also, for example, the Brazilian Amazon, where the rain forest had to give way to create pastureland for cattle (85). The globalization of food culture does not improve that situation, because the demand for meat and other food availability increases and the supply chain is working hard to fulfill those requests. Many of the big brand name food corporations are based in the United States. The distribution of their products has three consequences: First, the product portfolio in specific reasons is being increased. Second,
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