The Globe Theater, Home of Many of Shakespeare's Plays Essay

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The curtains of the play draw, the audience, quiet and eager waits for the lights to dim to see what William Shakespeare had brought before them. Shakespeare’s plays became enjoyable and fun to watch, seeing actors dress in amazing costumes and props used in The Globe Theater. (1-1)
The Globe Theater Architecture based on the structures similar to The Coliseum in Ancient Rome. Architecture on a grand size would house a capacity between 1500 to 3000 people. Classic Greek and Romans admired by the Elizabethans and sometimes great columns included the architecture. The Globe Theater design reflected the elements of Roman or Greek classical plays. It had supposed that the Globe Theater had an octagonal shaped building. The
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The theater’s wooden framework made at the builder’s yard. Eventually taken apart and each piece marked for re-assembly on site. Bear-building rings may have proposed to build the theater. It looked circular though in fact it had several short sides. At the site carpenters constructed the marks and set up the frames. The walls filled with entwine wattle and plastered over. Thatcher’s or tillers covered the roof that sheltered the galleries. The painting of the Globe was described as gorgeous or beautiful. On June 27, 1613 a fire broke out at the Globe Theatre by the cannons that were used for special effects. It filled with gunpowder and wadding. The thatched roof caught fire and the Globe Theatre burned to the ground. In 1614 the Globe Theatre rebuilt again and back in business. (3-7)
When Shakespeare would put on plays he would have them during the warmer months, throughout the day. People came to see the actors due to their wonderful costumes. The Globe actors generally wore the dress costumes of their own. Fabulous costumes with vivid colors and aweing materials. Some made especially for the actors while some donated by rich play goers. Globe plays had to be produced in a great hurry in order to secure a quick change of new material. The performance for the Elizabethan audience had to beat the competition from rival theater. Not enough time seem available to build up a ready-made store of costumes which
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