The Globe Theatre : The Importance And Influence Of The Elizabethan Era

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The motto and saying of the Globe theatre is “Totus Mundus Agit Histrionem”, which meant “The Whole World is a Playhouse.” Perhaps this means, since it is called the “Globe” Theatre, that the plays here can be shared throughout the whole world, “and from its circular shape” (Gurr), from which it was built. The Globe Theatre was one the most best places to watch a play in the Elizabethan era, because the plays had an important lesson to teach that still has an affect and emotion on society today when these stories are told to other people. So that brings the question: what is the Globe Theatre, and why is it such a great historical landmark? The Globe Theatre had many important characteristics that made it famous, such as how it began, where it was built, the structure, many different features, and how it contributed to the Elizabethan Era. The Origin of the Globe Theatre all started with Shakespeare and the Lord Chamberlain’s men. The Lord Chamberlain’s men were a group of actors that worked for Shakespeare, acted, and participated in plays that Shakespeare wrote. “Christopher Marlowe, who inspired Shakespeare, was born in the same year as him but was active in theatres before he was.” (Hartnoll 72-90) From the inspiration, “Shakespeare and the Lord Chamberlain’s men both paid into building the Globe Theatre” (Gurr) and was “built in 1599 by Cuthbert Burbage.” (Mabillard) This theatre was in Southwark, London, just like the Rose and Swan Theatres. The structure of the Theatre was very important back in the Elizabethan era as well. Some key parts that were included into the building and design of the Globe Theatre included that “the timber that was used to build the Globe Theatre was the same timber that was used to build the original theatre.” (Evans) The original theatre was built by Richard Burbage’s father, James Burbage in 1576, therefore, when the Globe theatre was built, the timber was 23 years old! Another key part of the design of the Globe Theatre is that it was built similar to the Coliseum, but in a smaller scale. The Coliseum in Rome had a circular shape just like the Globe Theatre, the reason the Globe theatre was built to this sort of design is that Classic Greek and Roman architecture was

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