The Glorification of Violence, Sex and Gender in Advertising

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It turns out that it was the key of success for advertisers. Pictures of attractive and charming women have appeared on advertisements for products such as food, alcohol, cigarettes, and many other products. It's no secret that sex sells especially for men; however sex leads to a "glorification of rape and violence" (595) in the mass media that convey an implicit concept of men overpowering on women. In fact, the typical image of "men conquer and women ensnare"(594) is glorified in every advertisement, which leads to the normalization and the acceptance of violence among people. Women have always been portrayed as sex symbols and objects of lust, in order to "fetishize products and imbue them with an erotic charge" (594) but we end up disappointed because "products can never fulfill our sexual desires or meets our emotional needs" (594). But worse than that, sex appeal in advertising "encourage men to be forceful and dominant and to value sexual intimacy more than emotional intimacy." (595) This is completely reshapes our view of the ideal relationship between a man and a woman. We can see that the concept of love, marriage, and fidelity are absolutely inexistent in those publicities. Instead of that, they "ridicule men who are not in control of their women (who are "pussy-whipped")" (598) that creates unconsciously a dangerous machismo among men that is most of the time translated to violence toward women leading to…

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