The Glorious Day Of Abraham Lincoln

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The glorious day of Abraham Lincoln born in February 12, 1809. Years went on and Abe grew taller and more of a president. The day had come for the Election Day; and Abraham Lincoln was running for president. He was elected and went forth as a great president. Some of the actions Abe made many people angry. One person is known as John Wilkes Booth. He made him so angry; he had the attentions of assassinating him. Day had come to when Abe was shot. The time period was very happy and joy full because the war had ended. A week later, Abe was assassinated. The environment in the north was very much depressing. People were sad and felt like they lost a family member; because Abe was shot and killed. It also created much anger between the north…show more content…
From Abraham being killed; Andrew Johnson was up next in line to be president. That was a major turning point. He made decisions Abe would have made which created problems and became very disliked. The first main personal to be a part of the assassination of Abe was clearly John Wilkes Booth. He was the first person to ever assassinate a president in the history of the U.S. The plan Booth had in mind was to kidnap the president. They were going to take him through back roads into the town Richmond and have him traded from certain things. But before the play had started, Booth had the idea to kill him instead. So he told his three other men who are Lewis Powell, Herold, and Atzerodt what they last minute change of plans were. So he had each of those men kill a certain member of the party. They were all going to strike at 10:15 P.M. Clearly, Booth and his men were major key players in the assassination. The men also showed Booth routes and back ways to help Booth escape like I mentioned earlier. Clearly, President Lincoln was a major key player. He was the one who was getting assassinate; if he was never alive or president. None of this would have happened and changed the future. He was also the one who upsetted Booth and many other people. Abe wasn’t liked that much; people actually didn’t like him and seen how he changed everything until he was killed. He being assassinated angered lots of people. It created anger between the north and the
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