The Glorious Revolution : The Glorious Revolution

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The Glorious Revolution or the “Revolution of 1688” took place in England in November of 1688 and didn’t end until the end of 1689. James II was king between 1685-1688 until he was dethroned by his son-in-law and daughter. The revolution was led William of Orange, the husband of Mary II, who was asked to take action to stop the king from changing the country’s entire religious preference. Charles II was king originally until his death in 1685, that’s when King James inherited the throne, adopting Catholicism. In 1685, England was a Protestant country so having a king that is Catholic would bring about some problems (Amy Troolin). Back then, there were laws and regulations that were set to keep those who practiced other religions from holding high positions, such as being king. Once King James II held the throne, he changed them, creating the “Declaration of Indulgence” to accommodate him and his supporters so they too could hold high positions and practice catholicism is private. (The Editors of Encyclopædia Britannica.) Parliament, Anglican Bishops and other Englishman grew furious because they wanted all of England to be “unified” with religions, meaning they only wanted people to practice protestantism (Amy Troolin). They reached out to William of Orange, who was ready to replace his uncle and father-in-law as king. His wife, Mary II, who was also the daughter of King James II was torn to pick sides between her husband and her father (Ana Papa). Unfortunately, after
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