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The Glory and the Dream Questions Prologue 1. What was the Bonus Army? What occurred? Who was involved? a. The Bonus Army were soldiers returned from World War I who wanted a “bonus” immediately authorized by the Adjusted Compensation Act. The veterans marched up Pennsylvania Avenue to acquire their relief. However, MacArthur and Hoover stopped the veterans at their core in a final “battle” calling them “communists and persons with criminal records.” 2. What is Rugged Individualism? a. Rugged Individualism was when someone was called upon for advice, he or she “was impelled by the conventional wisdom to offer proposals designed to make things worse.” (pg. 21) Chapter 1 1. What businesses flourished during the Great…show more content…
2. What was the public opinion regarding the unfolding events in Europe? a. Many Americans said the Great Depression started in Europe. The fighting was the last thing Americans wanted as “peace was worth any price.” (pg. 126) 3. What was the status of labor relations/labor unions during this time? a. Labor Unions had rose in power and strength again and many Union organizers were murdered. During this time, the US had, “the bloodiest and most violent labor history of any industrial nation in the world.” (pg. 132) Chapter 5 1. What was FDR’s view of the Supreme Court? a. FDR believed at the time of the Great Depression that the Supreme Court had been in charge of the Republicans. FDR also believed that in 1937 the Supreme Court was “usurping power” and wee “unable to deal with a logjam of appeals.” (pg. 158) 2. What was the last New Deal Reform Measure? a. The last New Deal Reform Measure was to provide for the unemployed, aged, dependent, and handicapped. Financed by FICA taxes paid by employee, matched by employer and Federal government. 3. What occurred on the Panay accident? a. The Panay accident was an American gunboat in the Yangtze River that “had been deliberately bombed and sunk by aircraft from the empire of Japan.” (pg. 164) Chapter 6 1. What did Orsen Welles do that spread panic? a. Orsen Wells created a broadcast show on Oct. 30 that was fantasy. The problem was that the listeners thought it was real so panic spread

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