The Goal : A Process Of Ongoing Improvement

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From: MIDN 2/C Sangrones, Joshua R To: My Future Sailors Subj: LEADING EFFICIENTLY Ref: (a) The Goal: A Process of Ongoing Improvement Encl: (1) Citation Page 1. Introduction a. In the near future, I plan to be an officer in the United States Navy. With that being said, an officer is required to have certain traits and abilities in order to succeed. What I believe the most important trait an officer can have is the ability to be an effective leader. Upon commissioning, as a young junior officer in the fleet, I will face challenges that will test my ability to lead efficiently. A trait that in my opinion, that is essential to every effective leader is being knowledgeable. In order to prepare to become an effective…show more content…
After commissioning, as a young junior officer, we will be tasked with unfamiliar jobs and responsibilities. It would be wise for me as a new member to meet with the Commanding Officer to see the status of the command and the division that I will be in charge of. I would also be tasked to fix the problems and overcome challenges that coincide with the position I am entrusted with. These problems and challenges may include but are not limited to low morale, work inefficiencies, incorrect procedures, incompetency, etc. Solving these problems require the initiative seek and identify the root of the problem. Having knowledge of these roots within a specific area would make it easier to determine a solution. I, the junior officer, will be able to use what I know in order to come up with the best possible way to solve the issue. With these solutions, we are able to accomplish the ultimate goal set by the CO. 2. Knowing the goal a. The story then proceeds to Rogo leaving the meeting in order to recoup. After some time thinking about what Jonah said, he realized that he needed to understand what the goal of the company is. He came up with several desired results including efficient production of goods, low production cost, being a good boss, and meeting sales requirements. However, when he thoroughly analyzed what the goal was, he realized that what the plant really needed
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