The Goal : A Process Of Ongoing Improvement

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The Goal: A Process of Ongoing Improvement is an interesting book. It not complicated or written for big corporation management level. It is just a basic book, with basic logic and thinking and basic words that anyone can understand. The basis of the book is a story that demonstrates, based on basic common sense, the process of ongoing improvement but more precisely the theory of constraints. The book is basically a novel for the business world. It is story about how to improve an operation plants when there is so much going on in one’s life. The book starts in a production plant that has since sunk and forgot the goal of every business. The production plant focus on increasing efficiencies’ and decreasing expenses but it always late in delivering customer orders. The plant does not produce or ship orders on time but there is one order that should absolutely be ship at the end of the day. The Division Vice President asked the plant to absolutely ship a certain order at the end of the day or else the whole plant is going to be shut down in three months. They were asked to show improvement, which means shipping orders out on time and make profit from the next three months and forth. If they can show improvement then there is a possibility for them to stay in business. The question is how can they show a process of ongoing improvement when they do not know the goal? The plant manager Alex was responsible in thinking of ways to improve the plant’s overall productivity. He had
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