The Goal A Process Of Ongoing Improvements

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The Goal a Process of Ongoing Improvements was Dr.Eliyahu M Goldratt first book. It is a fiction business management novel that primarily focuses on the theory of constraints. The author Goldratt is a critical acclaimed Israeli business manager, physicist professor, and author. He is thought of as the guru of business operation. Goldratt is the creator of optimized production technique and the theory of constraints. He also is the author of the following books: Production the TOC way, IT’S Not LUCK, Critical Chain, Necessary but not sufficient, ISNT It Obvious, The Choice, The Race, What is This Thing Called: theory of constraints, and The Haystack Syndrome. Eliyahu M Goldratt purpose of writing this book is to introduce individuals to how to manage and measure effectively. Goldratt illustrates how the accounting cost figures and productivity per machine can actually be problematic for it misleads individuals into thinking they’re achieving the goal. Rather all attention should be focused on strategy planning and managing the bottlenecks because they are the true driving metric of production. One major takeaway message from this novel is that there is always room for improvement. This philosophy of ongoing improvement originated in a Toyotas production system and is better know as the Kaizen theory. The Novel, stresses the Kaizen theory, which starts with an indication, then an in-depth analysis, followed by a diagnosis, eventually arrive ate a hypothesis and ending with
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