The Goal By Alex Rogo

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Scott Moore February 23, 2015 The Goal Assignment “The Goal” Analysis The main character in “The Goal”, Alex Rogo, manages a production plant that is unprofitable and not efficient with its resources. Alex is given a short amount of time to turn the operations at the plant around and make it an efficient, successful production plant. Throughout the book, Alex Rogo speaks to Jonah a number of times and learns a great amount of information from him. The first significant time that Alex and Jonah spoke was during their chance meeting at an airport lounge. During this conversation, Alex learned a great deal about productivity and goal setting. Jonah explains to Alex that a company has one goal and that the manager must be open about the goal. Jonah then discusses the definition of productivity with Alex and tells him that the true definition is bringing a company closer to its goal that it has set. Among these concepts that Alex learned, he also learned more about his own management style and how it could be improved. Alex learned that he must question common concepts regarding managing and that he must think differently in order to be successful. The second time Alex spoke to Jonah was after finding his contact information in his old address book. During this conversation, Alex realizes that accustomed profitability measures cannot be applied to the plant he is managing and he must follow measures that better relate to his individual plant. Jonah teaches Alex three
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