The Goal By Alex Rojo

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The Goal, story circles around Alex Rojo, the manufacturing and production plant manager at UniCo and the challenges he faces to save his plant, which is on the brink of shutting down. He’s given 3 months’ time to turn around the dying manufacturing plant. Alex is torn between professional and personal life issues, and novel does excellent job depicting the protagonist’s struggle to save his plant and his marriage. He struggles to find a way to cut his costs, improve his production and shipping times, without getting rid of employees. The company faces many constraints, which are described as a limitation or restriction. It becomes seemingly obvious as the story goes on that the goal of the employees was all wrong. While thinking back…show more content…
They can achieve this a number of different ways, whether it be to increase net profit, increase return on investment and cash flow, or other means. As long as the end goal is to make money. He must learn how to put his operations into those terms to reach his goal. He decides he needs to find Jonah once again to get some more mentoring. Jonah shares three terms that will help him run his plant: throughput, inventory and operational expense. Everything can be classified under one of these terms. While in the midst of all of this turmoil, the plant had robots that were taking over some of the production jobs. Alex realizes, after his talk with Jonah, that these robots did not help to save money, but in fact increased costs, operational expenses, and were less productive. The robots were implemented, which increased costs to do so, however they did not reduce other costs like direct labor. They shifted labor to other parts of the plant. Now the challenge is how they are going to take care of the robots issue without lowering efficiencies? Alex decides to visit Jonah again. Jonah tells him he has got it all wrong. Alex takes some time to reflect once again during his Boy Scouts trip. A balanced plant is not the answer Alex is looking for. This will only decrease throughput and increase inventory and operating expenses. While on a hike, Alex realizes he understands the concept of dependent events. He takes the slowest kid (Herbie) and puts him in the front of
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