The Goal By Eli Goldratt

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The novel “The Goal” by Eli Goldratt is an inspiring story of a manufacturing plant that seems to need some help staying afloat. The story explains the “Theory of Constraints” and concentrates on bottlenecks and constraints. The plant manager, and also the main character in the story, is Alex Rogo. In the book, Alex is depicted as a husband, a father and long-time project engineer and plant manager at UniCo struggling with both his marriage and his manufacturing plant. The main plot of the story starts off with Bill Peach (Division Vice President) telling Alex that the plant is not profitable. Peach then gives Alex a three-month deadline to improve the plant’s performance dramatically and increase profits or the production plant will shut down. Peach fails to mention that the entire division is under water and may soon be shut down by corporate. During this challenging time, Alex is also dealing with an impatient wife at home who is sick and tired of her husband spending so much time at work. She eventually moves out and Alex is stuck trying to figure out how he can salvage both his marriage and production plant. When Alex runs into an old Physics Professor, Jonah, he begins to express all of his challenges at work and is surprised to hear that Jonah is fully aware that the plant is missing deadlines and experiencing high inventory and expenses. Jonah helps to guide Alex through this challenging period. Before Alex can tackle the problems, he must first identify the goal.
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