The Goal By Eliyahu Goldratt And Jeff Cox Essay

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The goal is a novel story written by Eliyahu Goldratt and Jeff Cox. Many copies have been sold worldwide since was first published in 1984. The book has been translated in different languages, which make it easy to read and understand. The book’s success came through the way how it frames the concept of bottlenecks. Eliyahu Goldratt wrote many other books, such as It’s Not Luck, Critical Chain, Necessary but Not Sufficient and Isn’t It Obvious? Goldratt was the founder of Theory of Constraint for education. This theory becomes a tool for teachers to use in operation management. The Goal genre is a fiction, which written in chapters including an introduction and a conclusion. The purpose of this book is to understand the theory of Constraints and resolve the bottlenecks. The Goal book is intended to any Operation manager wants to be successful in the world of business. The goal is a very interesting story. It is more about Alex Rogo the plant manager who faces personal and professional challenges. Alex earns a master’s degree in both Engineering and Business Administration. He works as Engineering Manager at Barrington Plant of UniWare, a Division of UniCO, which produces a variety of finished goods for another plant and used as component items before it sold to customers. Alex philosophy, creation, family issues, and top management pressure are elements helped him to discover new principals and save the plant. The company has 20 million dollars of unsold goods.
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