The Goal By Eliyahu M

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The Goal by Eliyahu M. Goldratt and Jeff Cox is a Business Themed novel with the objective of teaching readers about Science and education. Eliyahu Goldratt is an Israeli businessman and physicist who is best known for his work on the Theory of Constraints and the idea of bottlenecks in a business process. Before Goldratt wrote and published his first book, he was a chairman and shareholder of a company called Inc. Magazine. It came from the sheer frustration of this company that he started work on his novel to try and convince his colleagues of the concepts he was trying to convey. At the start, not even his writer, Jeff Cox, thought he was going to be successful but today his book has sold over two million copies. When Eliyahu…show more content…
The Goal, written in 1984 was the first book written by Goldratt and emphasizes the Theory of Constraints in a fictional factory and ongoing improvement in the field. His second book, which he once again co-authored with Robert Fox, The Race continues on the progress of The Goal in a nonfiction book. He followed those two works up with seven more books including The Haystack Syndrome: Shifting Information out of the Data Ocean in 1990 and The Theory of Constraints. The Goal takes place in the town of Bearington, where Alex Rogo moved himself and his family for a job as a production manager at a plant for the company UniCo. At the start of the novel Alex Rogo is in a whirlpool of chaos between the decline of his plant, the increased disconnection of him and his wife and the pressure to keep everything afloat. It all starts when the division Vice President at UniCo and Rogo 's Boss, Bill Peach, comes to the plant to let him know that if there is not an improvement in production then his plant would be closed down in a short three months. In his efforts to save his plant and all of his employee 's jobs he travels and runs into his old physics professor Jonah who is intrigued with the problems that he is happening. Jonah, being a scientist, looks at Rogo 's failing plant from a different point of view. In a riddle sort of way, Jonah leads Rogo to the answer to how to save his plant though looking at the goal
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