The Goal By Pratik Satam

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BOOK REPORT OF “THE GOAL” BY PRATIK SATAM Science plays an important role in all aspects of life. In this piece of fiction “The Goal”, author “Dr. Eliyachu M. Goldratt” is an Israeli physicist and then he became a business management guru whereas author “Jeff Cox” is a finance editor with The Story is concentrated around Mr.Rogo. He is the plant manager of one unit of Unico in the town Bearington and has a sweet family with wife Julie and son Davey and daughter Sharon. The plant is facing various problems due to huge backlogs and is unable to make any profits. By the help of his colleague and the basic principles he makes the plant into a productive one. The colleague uses Socratic approach and helps solving problems in the plant for Mr.Rogo and Rogo in return learns from it and he himself uses the Socratic approach to solve his marital problem. One fine day Bill peach the Division manager arrives at the plant and tells him that the plant is not efficient and is not able to create any profits so it will be hard for him to allow it to run for longer time and gives them three months period to show some improvement or else the plant will be shut down. Mr. Rogo is worried doesn’t know how to react to this condition and is in mixed emotions .Then as he is a positive person he decides to face the problem and bring the change in plant to make it productive. While thinking he remembers about his discussions he had with Dr. Jonah and how he
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