The Goal Case Study

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The Goal

Their chance meeting in the airport lounge -
During the meeting in the airport lounge where Alex Rogo came across Jonah. Starts off with Alex beginning to explain his reasons for traveling and his new job as a Plant Manager for UniCo. During their conversations Alex starts to describe how he has increased productivity by the addition of robots at about 36 percent. After some examination Jonah makes Alex doubt these numbers and figures and Alex later states that the robots have increased efficiency within the production line. From this brief exchange Alex began to really think twice about his production number and efficiency. By doing this Alex and his team now know that you can’t just rely on the increase in efficiency in one particular area in the plant. Then later on Alex sits down with Lou where the two begin do
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He also states that every part should have at lease one bottleneck. And that in order to increase capacity you should focus on just increasing the capacity of the bottlenecks. During the tour of the Manufacturing floor Jonah starts to point out all the errors in the production process. By doing this he opens the the team up to outside alternatives to increase productivity during the process.
Jonah visits the plant a second time - p201 Jonah’s second visit to the plant leaves him searching for more answers. One thing the team did in-between visits was tag bottle neck parts and not bottleneck parts with high priority and low priority. This caused a back up in the production process. To fix this Alex had determined that he needs to release a percentage of red parts at a rate that will allow for green tagged parts to get process at the same time to keep up with demand. Thus, not allowing for congestion in the production line.
Jonah calls Alex from Singapore -
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