The Goal Essay

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Name: Thien Duong
The Goal Assignment
Question 1
Based on the definition of each type, we can realize that Alex Rogo’s plant does not follow the repetitive process, because his plant receives different kinds of orders to product different outputs. Furthermore, all orders do not follow the same sequence of tasks. For instance, there are only 80% of materials that come through the NCX-10 machine. In fact, they only use the repetitive process as the final process to assemble their finished products. In contrast, Alex Rogo ‘s plant is a mix of job shop and batch process. The orders of his plant are similar to job shops, in that have a high variety of inputs and tasks. Each job should be scheduled scientifically or the whole system will be
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Next, innovation is the strength that Alex’s plant has focused on. Alex Rogo, who has an engineering background, tries to set up a high automation rate in his plant. The plan invests a huge amount of capital for robots in order to reach a high efficiency. Moreover, Alex Rogo is also willing to change; he set up red tags and green tags to improve the efficiency in his plant.
Question 2
A bottleneck or constraint is any activity that limits the overall output of the process. We usually recognize the bottleneck by observing the excess inventory in front of a bottleneck and insufficient parts after a bottleneck. In order to better understand the concept of bottlenecks, we also should know the idea of throughput rate, which is the average number of outputs per time unit, which is normally an hour. Let’s give an example of the car wash shop to illustrate the concept of bottleneck. The process at a typical car wash shop includes drive in, scrub, rinse and dry. For instance, the throughput rate at the drive in area is ten vehicles per hour, scrub is nine vehicles per hour, rinse is 8 vehicles per hour, and dry is only five vehicles per hour. You can observe that no matter how much we can increase the capacity in drive in, scrub, and rinse can increase, the capacity of the whole system is limited to five vehicles per hour. In this situation, the bottleneck of the system is at dry area. Because the throughput rate at dry area is only five vehicles per

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