The Goal For Many Education

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The goal for many in education is simple: to educate. Conveying an idea, or a reality to a student in such a manner as to where they will retain the knowledge and apply it to their life is what most educators try to accomplish. In Christian education though, that goal only scratches the surface of what we hope to achieve. Our goal as Christian educators stretches beyond the classroom into the daily lives of our students. Our goal is to educate and disciple. The greatest distinction between general education and Christian education lies in the principles of Christianity and who we profess to follow. Jesus’ life should be a model for the way we choose to live our lives. Since we follow Jesus’ example in our daily lives, it is natural for a…show more content…
He is the Shepherd. He leads his flocks, not drives them. His students were content to learn from Him and follow Him. I believe that the way he taught and the strategies he used in His teachings can aid a modern day educator in becoming a better instructor. Jesus taught with self-control and patience. He treated all of His students with love and compassion. He was never flustered. No matter the situation, he was always in control, even when correcting and disciplining His students. Even when He went before Pilate and was crucified. Jesus recognized the potential in all of His students. He encouraged them and showed confidence in their abilities. He took time teaching His students, allowing them to digest the information, giving personal attention when it was needed. He continued to guide His students even when they were slow in learning. We can also teach with compassion and understanding, reaching out to those who are struggling to learn the material offering to help them if the need it. Jesus was also very approachable. There was never a time He was not available for His students. He made Himself available even during His private time. Wherever and whenever He taught, He was always available for His students; to offer aid, correction, and guidance. When we take a deeper look into Jesus’ teaching, several modern teaching strategies start to arise. We see Jesus use different strategies to keep His students’ attention as well as aid in the
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