The Goal Is Clear And The Stakes Are High

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THE REVERSE presents with an interesting idea. The goal is clear and the stakes are high. The script is driven by solid themes about freedom, justice, and destiny. The tone is mainly dark and it presents with as a very disturbing and violent story. While the concept feels thought provoking, the overall script would benefit from more development. First, there’s a solid inciting event when Justin is fired and called a derogatory name. His decision to buy the plantation is the catalyst that moves the story forward. His goal to “reverse the power system, which he believes is controlled and run by the White Man drives act two. However, there’s a very awkward transition in the structure. Justin buys the plantation and then suddenly he seems to go Rambo and gets violent looking for Cash and Cocaine. This change in his behavior from a rather passive man to a very violent man feels very jarring and inconsistent with the setup previously. In act two, Justin enacts his plan to abduct certain people. However, the plan goes too well. There’s no conflict in his plan. Every person they decide to kidnap is easily abducted. Justin and his men are never almost caught. The idea of Rachel, Justin’s former girlfriend, being in charge of the investigation is too much of a coincidence. It feels too contrived and this questions the credibility of the plot. The third act feels too passive with the idea of the courtroom trial. The third act should actually contain the strongest tension

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