The Goal Of A Landing Page

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The Goal of a Landing Page You spend valuable time and energy on marketing your products or services. You probably use tactics like email marketing, social media marketing, and content marketing. Each tactic is designed to drive traffic to your website where they will then become followers, prospects, and hopefully customers. However, if you’re sending all of your website visitors to the same page then you may be missing out. And if that same page is a home page or even a blog post then that too can be a cause for lost revenue. Enter the landing page… A landing page is a website page that has one singular goal. Unlike a home page that may have multiple goals and options for your visitor to choose from, your landing page has one goal. There are a few different options for a landing page. Landing page goals can include capturing your visitors email address. It can also capture their attention and direct them to click through to a sales page and a landing page may also sell a product. So what’s the difference between a landing page, a sales page, and a squeeze page/opt-in page? A landing page is called that because it’s where a specific audience lands. You can have a landing page for your email subscribers and a different landing page (that may sell the same thing) for your social media followers. Landing pages give you the ability and the power to craft customized content for each unique marketing tactic and each segment of your audience. So you can use your landing page to
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