The Goal Of A Lifetime Goal

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Lifetime Goals
Establishing lifetime goals is inherently a challenging exercise, yet an essential one for any person to strive for prosperity in society. Goals are the very essence of what makes humans unique, we have the ability to visualize a yet unseen world, we have to ability to hope. Even though logic may tell us something is impossible, hope is the gift that gives us that spark in our mind, the spark that says “Even though there is a small chance, there is a chance nonetheless.” Hopes and dreams are what drives us to be better, to achieve more than anyone else, it is hope that encourages us to evolve. This being said, my “lifetime goal” is very simple, I just wish to be happy. The goal of happiness seems to be very short and sweet, however, it is deceptively elusive in our changing times. Being successful and making money are commonly confused with happiness when in fact, they are merely avenues that may or may not lead you towards your goal, but not a substitute for it; id est, they are a means to an end, not the end itself.
The things that I have done, and plan to do are in accordance with what I believe will help me achieve my end goal, happiness. To start, I have always been a very good student, but most people would say that on a college essay, so the question is, What evidence do I have to substantiate such a claim? I would like to submit this essay as my first form of evidence. I hope, by my insights illustrated in this paper, that my intellect is given a

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