The Goal Of Any Philosopher

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The goal of any philosopher is to find what “truth” is. Truth is undeniable, and can be relied upon in any circumstance, especially in the one thing that has real meaning life. Truth is essential to understanding the world. All knowledge is based upon truth. The Idea of truth is first and for most a conviction of the mind. The mind has an inclination to view something to be true, false; we are convicted to believe one or the other. For example, if one were holding a model car that appears to be red, you can be convinced it is red; you can also be convinced it is red, dark red, pink, or even burgundy. One’s mind can perceive the car in different ways; it is just the inclination of the mind. Another component of truth is the property of ideas. Ideas are understood as the language of the mind. Our minds store information, with information we are able to formulate ideas and are able to think, reason, and communicate. An idea can be singular like the color of a car or even to the extent of the whole universe. Any idea can be true or false. Truth is also an abstract entity being something that you cannot touch at times, but what is real and part of understanding the world. Truth is an elusive topic, as philosophers have been going at the question since Socrates time, and still no one has produced a definitive answer. Philosophy records several ways of defining truth. The correspondence theory states that a belief is true when it corresponds with what is in the real world. The…
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