The Goal Of First Contact

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The goal of first contact is to gain sales leads, but don 't ignore the opportunity to make an immediate sale, though this happens less commonly in B2B marketing than retail sales. Using Wireframes and Workflows to Nurture Sales Once visitors pass the the lead-generation process, the next level of design uses wireframes to craft the user experience based on lead information. This is the point where simple actions become more complicated because many actions are possible to nurture business relationships such as providing customers with information about products, connecting with third-party resources or sales staff, applying for credit, ordering directly online, requesting custom prices, choosing product customizations and ordering custom-built products and fabrications. In effect, every part of an eCommerce platform functions as a salesperson and guides the customer toward a conversion. In B2B companies, this could involve submitting proposals negotiating terms, processing purchase orders, scheduling face-to-face sales meetings, viewing product demonstrations, researching product compatibilities, arranging special payment terms, gaining approval from multiple stakeholders in the customer 's organization, checking inventories, backordering products when inventories won 't cover the order, scheduling drop-shipping to fulfill orders and requesting split-shipping for purchasing managers who buy for chain stores, government agencies and multiple locations. Developing Custom
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