The Goal Of Healing Homes

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The goal of healing homes is to develop and foster nurturing Hispanic adoptive and foster homes that responds to the cultural, emotional, and behavioral needs of at-risk Hispanic youths in the foster care system. Rooted in the belief that every child walks their own path and has the ability to reach full potential, Healing Homes focuses on a curriculum that teaches parents and caregivers how to be better listeners and supportive parents and enables children to improve. According to Dettlaf & Rycraft (2010), “immigrant Latino children and families represent the largest and fastest-growing population in the United States, and thus require the attention of child welfare systems and the development of evidence-based practices designed to respond to the unique needs of this population.” Theme I: Cultural Competence “Child welfare agencies in the U.S. are seeking to respond to the need for linguistically and culturally responsive services for children of immigrants and their families as the population continues to grow” (Johnson, 2007). In a study conducted by Brown, Sintzel, Arnault, & George (2009), the researched explored how important it is to understand how cultural values, beliefs and traditions of foster parents are related to placement success because a substantial proportion of children in care come from culturally diverse backgrounds. The study consisted of telephone interviews to participants (foster parents) by the researchers compared against literature reviews.

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