The Goal Of The American Revolution

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While the goal of the American Revolution was great in importance, the nation hardly had the means in order to properly fight for it. At the time, most of soldiers were untrained farmers that served in local militia units for some times before returning to work the land. As a result, despite the great number of Patriots, General Washington had only roughly 20,000 troops under his control at a time. Even then, the army lacked greatly in supplies and equipment, and many of the soldiers pay was delayed. Their opponent, Britain, on the other hand was well equipped military-wise with leading naval power, trained foot soldiers, and support from the American Indians who were promised land for their help as well. The Americans certainly realized the position they were in and the large disadvantage they had, so gaining support by any means was a necessity but the only help they could hope for was from other European powers. Thus while the Revolutionary War was fought for independence, there was a similar war going on to fight for the support they needed. While the most notable help would have come from larger countries with extensive military knowledge, there was little hope of gaining such support in the early days of the revolution. Therefore, serving as sort of diplomat, Benjamin Franklin wrote to several military men that he felt would be able to help the American cause. The first, Tadeusz Kościuszko, a Polish born military engineer and a man of revolutionary aspirations felt
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