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1. The goal of the journal is to explain several concepts, many being misunderstandings, of how dry ice is formed, and to use experiments to explain the hypotheses. The author provides explanations to scientific reactions that make fog result from mixing together dry ice and water. Kuntzleman, the author of “A Molecular Explanation of How Fog is Produced When Dry Ice Is Placed in Water”, also explains why various ideas about dry ice are false. He demonstrates his ideas using experiments he says can be performed using primarily cheap, and easy to find material.
The first experiment constructed is set-up to effectively measure the density of fog. Because the experiments all deal with dry ice, it is vital to be able to measure the density of the fog resulting from a dry ice and liquid combination. Using a 500 mL flask with a round bottom and two openings is necessary. Approximately 200 mL of liquid is put into the flask. A piece of approximately 10 grams of dry ice is then placed into one opening on the flask. The other opening is covered by a plastic cuvette. Through the cuvette the fog’s density can be measured using an LED light and sensor. Fog density is then recorded using the intensity of the light with the formula for the density of the fog, -log(I/I0).
The next performed experiment deals with where the fog originates. The atmospheric water is not the basis of DIWF (Dry Ice Water Fog). The source of this fog comes from bulk water. To prove this using a…

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