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:::The Goal:::

I glare at the goal, while the goalkeeper focuses on the ball right on the tip of my shoe. I could hear the heavy breathing of everybody in the whole stadium. I swung my leg and kicked the ball as strong as I could. The crowd cheered, but I didn’t know what happened. “And the Wolves win with the points 3 to 2” the announcer well… announces. I couldn’t believe my ears, I stood there, frozen. My teammates come running to me, yet I was still frozen. I huge monster suddenly came out of no where. “W-w-wait right there. David this was supposed to be an essay about your summer. Not ---” my teacher sat there dissapointed at me ------ as usual. “See Mr. Adams, I felt that the my summer was too boring. So that’s why I ----”, “Just
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Mine was obviously better.

The school finally finished, but I still didn’t go home. As one of the school outcast. Nobody cares. I went out to the football field. And got my ball from my bag. It’s always been my dream to play in a football team. Just like my dad. Well atleast that’s what my mom said. I never met my dad, he was a soldier in the navy. So I never met him. I looked at the field, beautiful as usual. I placed my ball down, and kicked it around. I stood right in front of the goal post, and kicked the ball as strong as I could. Without a goalkeeper of course I shot it. But I would be nothing if there was a goalkeeper. I never joined the football team, because we couldn’t afford it. I only got in the school because the owner used to be my dad’s friend. So when he heard about my dad, he let me study there.

I went home walking. It was just a short 1 kilometer walk. I came home, and saw my mom on the chair. She was sitting there hasn’t moved, ever since my dad died. She’s been traumatized since he died. I gave her a kiss on the cheek. I sat down next to her and did my assignments. After that I helped her to the bed. She couldn’t move without my help. Her mind was focused, on the way my dad died.

The next day, I went to school earlier than usual. I needed to watch the football team, practice for the game. I imagined myself playing in that field. Everybody would love me. I wouldn’t be such a loner. But will that, really happen? I stood up before any of the
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