The Goal Setting Goals And Goals

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Setting goals is an idea many people use to help accomplish tasks, and reach them in a certain amount of time. Implementing plans in an effective step in the right direction toward accomplishing a desired goal. Students, teachers, people in the work place; everyone sets goals whether we are aware of the goal setting or subconsciously setting goals. Goals can be long term or short term depending on how big the goal is. I, myself here at Marywood have set some goals. One long term and one short term. My short term goal is to achieve a CSAC Championship with my soccer team this year. My long term goal is to maintain at least a 3.3 GPA throughout my college career. I intend on using the core values from here at Marywood to help me achieve my goals I have set. Three of the five values with specifically help me in my case; empowerment respect and excellence will ultimately help me maintain my goals and excel in life.
Empowerment is defined in the Marywood handbook as, access to education that enables all to achieve their full potential to live as conscientious citizens in a pluralistic society. Though one of my goals in not academic; I still believe that empowerment will allow me to fulfill my goal of obtaining a CSAC Championship title this year for soccer. Every team wants to win their league, and my team and I here at Marywood University are striving to win the league this year. To achieve my full access to athletic potential to succeed I will work hard on and off the field.

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