The Goal of Buddhism

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The goal of Buddhism is to lead a group to understand the world and the truths that surround it, but it is the goal for one person to reach full enlightenment on their own. In Buddhism it is the Buddha who is the “awakened one,” and in The Matrix, Neo, known as “the One,” who become the enlightened beings as well as coming to understand the world as it truly is. In Siddhartha’s case, he seeks the truth about life after he is brought face to face with sickness, old age, asceticism and death. Just like Siddhartha, we see Neo’s life before he is introduced to the real world, one filled with unanswered questions. Just like Siddhartha’s curiosity which lead him to leave society, Neo’s curiosity to find answers lead him to Morpheus who then introduced him to the matrix. For both Siddhartha and Neo this is only the beginning of their journey towards enlightenment. The difference between these two is that unlike Siddhartha, Neo did not have any worldly attachments except for having to leave behind the world he knew, or thought, was real. Also, unlike Siddhartha, Neo’s absence of a family made it that much easier to seek the truth. The main truths of the Buddhist world are commonly known as the Four Noble Truths. The first three truths focus on the roots of suffering and how it comes from one’s desires and attachments to “things” that we cannot actually have. The first truth, that all life is suffering, can be seen when Morpheus explains what the real world is to Neo, who
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