The Goal of the Church Should Be to Do the Will of God

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I believe it is safe to say that in most towns in America churches take up a large portion of real estate. These churches are different denomination usually and they are different sizes too. They are many denominations in America let only the world. Christianity started a long time ago with Jesus and his disciples. When He died his disciples believed he got up from the dead and they began teaching this to other people. Christianity in its origins was about the ideas that Jesus taught, about a new way of connecting with God through what Jesus taught. As this movement spread, it began to get organized. It first called itself the Catholic Church and about fifteen hundred years in, it split into another group called the Protestants. The group just kept splitting and about two billion years later we have Christianity, as we know it. The ideas in the beginning were radical. They were about love, forgiveness, generosity and faith. If sports or fashion can become institutionalized, then religion can too. The church in America as a whole does not seem like the ideas we talk about or believe in rather it feels more like an institution we have to join. America and our generation are profoundly spiritual. The divide however, between sacred and secular has given us a false dichotomy. We are the daughters and sons of organized religion, shaped in its shadow only to grow up and question its necessity. As people are leaning away from the church I find myself thinking what exactly are they

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