The Goals And Motivating And Leading Employees

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English novelist, Thomas Hardy, said, “Good business leaders create a vision, articulate the vision, passionately own the vision, and relentlessly drive it to completion” ( The organization I currently work for has placed a career path ahead of me filled with great personal and professional opportunity, however it will be a new road for me with a steep learning curve. The article, Social Organizations by Robert Prodanciuc highlights bureaucracy and organizational development, leadership, and employee development as they hey areas I have also come to recognize as the challenges I will face while achieving organizational goals and motivating and leading employees. Presently I am the HR Generalist and Payroll Manager for my…show more content…
Prodanciuc highlights the importance of bureaucracy to the planning and rationality of activities and organizational structure (2012, p. 208), while also pointing out the risks of such structures by reducing decision making and resulting in rule breaking and replacement of organizational goals with personal ones. On my current career path I have encountered the issue of delayed decision making as a result of an overly bureaucratic process. As the OD Manager, it will be my role to keep the leadership team on task and ensure that decisions are made and issues are discussed, thereby not delaying the goals or unintentionally impacting the direction of the organization. Furthermore, Prodanciuc defines the bureaucracy of the organization as the labor, rules and regulations, documents, administrative aspects of HR, which would also fall under my scope. If these processes are not working effectively or efficiently it could be impacting the goals or wellbeing of the organization and it would fall to me to analyze the process and make changes as needed. Effective leadership is necessary to keep the bureaucratic process of the
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