The Goals And Objectives Of The Organization

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Any organization that wants to have a long-term competitiveness and productive outcome in business should consider developing efficient and vibrant managers. Companies like UPS, Pepsi Cola and other CEO’s recognize how critical it is to have a leadership development program to fill the lagging in developing new and current leaders who need the suitable understanding, talents, and capabilities that are necessary to assume positions of leadership. It goes without saying that every organization that wishes to stay on top of their market generate a continuous pipeline of future, and current managers that will be familiar with how to lead effectively in a global and local environment, and carry out the mission of their business. The goals and objectives of the organization must be formulated, implemented and evaluated to manifest its mandate. Our team in accomplishing this task will be using theories, models, and approaches that will help form the purpose and skill set of the future managers including the company itself. Leaders/Administrators that have the competencies to enhance growth and be able to bring about change are greatly in demand. The great Bill Gates once said in an article, “as we look ahead into the next century, leaders will be those who empower others” (Josephson, 2012). As I reflect on the question how does my organization develop and hone leadership skills, performance reviews come to mind? Our organization’s leadership development team will be using a
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