The Goals And Objectives Of The Shinnecock Museum

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REPORT SECTIONS I. Background – Restate the goals and objectives of your project and describe what your work tried to achieve. If your original goals and objectives were revised, note this here and then discuss the reasons for the changes in the Outcomes, Analysis, and Interpretation section below. The goals and objectives the Shinnecock Museum aimed to accomplish with the help of the grant awarded by LICF are as follows: The museum sought to strengthen its capacity in order to promote awareness, understanding and appreciation of Shinnecock history and culture through the development of broad-based long term strategic plans encompassing goal setting, budgeting, marketing, development and board engagement. This plan included raising additional funds and sponsorship opportunities; it was aided by the hiring of three development and strategic consultants to assist in the development of a 5-year strategic plan. By following this plan, the Museum Board and staff hoped to better reach the organization’s goals, improve budgeting techniques and to implement a dynamic marketing and fundraising campaign in order to strengthen and diversify the Board of Directors. The proposed work areas included: an analysis of past fundraising efforts, including gathering full contacts of past donors, corporate, individual, governmental and foundation sources; assessing planned events calendar to maximize and capitalize fundraising efforts and identify additional areas for potential sponsorship

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